Windows 10 Build 19043 Seems Ready To Launch To Insiders! – Although it has not been officially announced, some leaks and screenshots showing versions and builds of Windows 10 21H1 have been pretty much scattered on the Internet, one of which is the latest leak from WindowsLatest following.

As users can see in the image above, it shows that Wndows 10 21H1 will come with a Build OS that corresponds to what was previously rumored, where it will be the successor of Windows 10 20H2 with build version 19043.

Based on the information, this version of Windows 10 will get users via enablement package just as it was previously present when users update from Windows 10 2004 to Windows 10 20H2, and of course with it the size of the update itself will not be too large, maybe only about 50 – 500 Mb only.

In terms of features, this version is expected to come with important features such as DNS Over Https support in settings, and a number of minor improvements and improvements that users need, but surely many of the users prefer a stable operating system comes with this version.

Regarding the information and leaks of this build, until now it is still unclear when Microsoft will start releasing Windows 10 21H1 to Insiders, but most likely, in February insiders will already start getting this update.


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