What is Eco Mode in Task Manager Windows 10 Insider Preview – As we already know, Microsoft launched a new feature called Eco Mode in the Windows 10 Task manager that was first introduced in Build Insider Preview 21364 some time ago.

Then what is eco mode? and what the hell does it do?, hmm let’s go a little deeper about this feature.

If you noticed in this Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21364, when you right-click on the processes section, then there will appear eco mode option.

Reported from Microsoft’s page, this option serves to throttling process resources, and is expected to save users’ device resources a little, especially in battery energy efficiency.

Yep, the point of this feature serves to save device resources, because if the user activates Eco Mode on the selected process, then the system will force the application to run as a low priority process which can help improve overall performance and energy efficiency for longer battery life.

In addition to users can access Eco mode from the process tab in Task Manager, users can also access and enable/disable this feature from the Details tab in Task Manager as well.

Furthermore, suppose the user activates Eco mode, then on the status agian, there will appear a label that reads Eco moe, indicating eco mode is active for the process.

Interesting feature is not it?, of course Microsoft expects this feature will be able to help users in improving the performance and battery life of the device that users have. Especially if the device is a Laptop, or a 2 In 1 device.

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