Web Capture Can Now Be Directly Saved to Collections in Microsoft Edge – We are certainly familiar with web capture and collections features, both of which are useful features in Microsoft Edge Chromium, and did you know, in the latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary, it seems that Microsoft integrates both features loh, so that now every screenshot taken with Web Capture can be directly stored in Collections.

Well exactly as in the picture above, after the screenshot you took, you will find the Add to collections option at the top, adjacent to the regular Save button.

For the record, screenshots taken and saved to Collections do not contain a page address and are images only, so if you intend to access the page, then this feature is not for you to use.

Then most importantly, is this feature already available to all Microsoft Edge Canary users? hmm unfortunately not guys, because this feature has just been launched as part of A/B Testing, where only a small number of users get it, I myself have not, then have you got it?…

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