Tips to Search the Address bar Quickly – To perform a search, we usually type what will be searched through the address bar, and of course the results of those searches will be displayed based on the default search engine that the browser uses.

But for those of you who suppose to use two or more search engines for different purposes, you usually have to type > press the tab and directly type what is searched there. For example, as shown below.

The way is not wrong, but I think to type the search engine domain first is quite time consuming especially if it has to be done repeatedly when we will do the search again.

Well related to that, in the latest version of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Chromium, you can modify the search engine to open with just one letter, suppose you want to search in, if previously had to type the domain in full, now just type d > then press the tab, and of course when compared to the default option, this way is faster and more time-saving users.

How to Enable This Option

Well for those of you who want to enable this option, you can follow these steps.

Step 1. First, go to settings page > Search Engines.

The quick way please just go to the URL edge://settings/searchEngines, for Google Chrome users please customize.

Step 2. Well on that page, you just change the Keyword of your Favorite Search Engine, change it from (for example), to > b, to > g, and to > d. Exactly as in the following image.


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