The Spotify app in the Microsoft Store Is Now PWA-Based – In recent months, a number of third party applications in the Microsoft Store have received significant changes, some of which changed the application base from UWP to PWA, for example, the Instagram application that has become PWA in March 2020.

Now about this change, now it’s Spotify’s turn to make their app from PWA or Progressive Web Apps, which starting at version 1.158.820.0, you’ll probably see a pretty significant change in appearance, and very similar to Spotify Web if you’ve ever accessed it.

Well as usual, this base change certainly gets a number of interesting feedback, some like there are also who do not like, for example such as functional more limited, slow and some other problems that quite old users do not like.

But in addition to the Spotify application is basically still functioning the same, users can open it like an application in general without having to run under the auspices of the browser, and users can run the application directly from the Start Menu or Taskbar.

Well what do you think of this change? if you haven’t gotten this change, you can update your Spotify app in the Microsoft Store.

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