Project Monarch : The First Leak from Microsoft One Outlook! – A few days ago, it was rumored that Microsoft was developing a New Mail Client that aims to replace all existing Mail Clients, including Outlook Web, Outlook from Microsoft Office, and Mail & Calendar preinstalled with Windows 10.

Named Project Monarch, the new app developed by Microsoft will reportedly be smaller than the existing Mail & Calendar app, and based on rumors, the app will have a number of OS Integrations Native features such as offline storage, target share, notifications, and more.

And related to Project Monarch, recently a leaked image was provided by Twitter user @jessejarvi, which clearly indicates Project Monarch will be named One Outlook, exactly as previously reported.

In terms of appearance, it’s basically very similar to what Microsoft Outlook Web provides, which is because Project Monarch is built on the same basis based on web technology.

Is this UWP?

Based on the explanation from @jessejarvi,the application is a Win32 application and is not a UWP application.

“It’s a separate, standalone Win32 app. RIP UWP. It will replace the people/contacts/mail app tho. And maybe even the Office suite Outlook.” Ungkap @jessejarvi.

And of course because it is not a UWP application, we can access it without having internet, that’s what Microsoft says about native features such as offline storage that are present in this application.

For now, development is still done by Microsoft, and this One Outlook application can not be used, but someday when everything is ready, only one application is to replace the entire Mail Client application that Microsoft has.

Well hopefully the development of this application is smooth and can replace the existing Mail Client, because honestly quite complicated also see there is Outlook from Microsoft Office and also Mail & Client that basically has the same features, and hopefully when it is ready, this application does not take up much memory and is light to use.

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