What is Eco Mode in Task Manager Windows 10 Insider Preview

What is Eco Mode in Task Manager Windows 10 Insider Preview – As we already know, Microsoft launched a new feature called Eco Mode in the Windows 10 Task manager that was first introduced in Build Insider Preview 21364 some time ago.

Then what is eco mode? and what the hell does it do?, hmm let’s go a little deeper about this feature.

If you noticed in this Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21364, when you right-click on the processes section, then there will appear eco mode option.

Reported from Microsoft’s page, this option serves to throttling process resources, and is expected to save users’ device resources a little, especially in battery energy efficiency.

Yep, the point of this feature serves to save device resources, because if the user activates Eco Mode on the selected process, then the system will force the application to run as a low priority process which can help improve overall performance and energy efficiency for longer battery life.

In addition to users can access Eco mode from the process tab in Task Manager, users can also access and enable/disable this feature from the Details tab in Task Manager as well.

Furthermore, suppose the user activates Eco mode, then on the status agian, there will appear a label that reads Eco moe, indicating eco mode is active for the process.

Interesting feature is not it?, of course Microsoft expects this feature will be able to help users in improving the performance and battery life of the device that users have. Especially if the device is a Laptop, or a 2 In 1 device.

How to Add Control Panel in This PC File Explorer Windows 10

How to Add Control Panel in This PC File Explorer Windows 10 – To access the Control panel through File Explorer, in fact we can easily write the Control Panel on the Address Bar of File Explorer Windows 10.

But did you know, with a few tweaks that we did in registry editor, we can add Control Panel on This PC in File Explorer loh, so later Control Panel will appear together with local disk that appears there. Curious how it looks? here WinPoints summarizes a short step to Add Control Panel in This PC File Explorer Windows 10

Step 1. First, please open registry editor first.

Step 2. Next please navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MyComputer\NameSpace

Step 3. After meeting, please create a new key with the following name right on the NameSpace key.

And when you’re done, please close the Registry Editor, and open File Explorer, now the Control Panel should be displayed on this PC


Project Monarch : The First Leak from Microsoft One Outlook!

Project Monarch : The First Leak from Microsoft One Outlook! – A few days ago, it was rumored that Microsoft was developing a New Mail Client that aims to replace all existing Mail Clients, including Outlook Web, Outlook from Microsoft Office, and Mail & Calendar preinstalled with Windows 10.

Named Project Monarch, the new app developed by Microsoft will reportedly be smaller than the existing Mail & Calendar app, and based on rumors, the app will have a number of OS Integrations Native features such as offline storage, target share, notifications, and more.

And related to Project Monarch, recently a leaked image was provided by Twitter user @jessejarvi, which clearly indicates Project Monarch will be named One Outlook, exactly as previously reported.

In terms of appearance, it’s basically very similar to what Microsoft Outlook Web provides, which is because Project Monarch is built on the same basis based on web technology.

Is this UWP?

Based on the explanation from @jessejarvi,the application is a Win32 application and is not a UWP application.

“It’s a separate, standalone Win32 app. RIP UWP. It will replace the people/contacts/mail app tho. And maybe even the Office suite Outlook.” Ungkap @jessejarvi.

And of course because it is not a UWP application, we can access it without having internet, that’s what Microsoft says about native features such as offline storage that are present in this application.

For now, development is still done by Microsoft, and this One Outlook application can not be used, but someday when everything is ready, only one application is to replace the entire Mail Client application that Microsoft has.

Well hopefully the development of this application is smooth and can replace the existing Mail Client, because honestly quite complicated also see there is Outlook from Microsoft Office and also Mail & Client that basically has the same features, and hopefully when it is ready, this application does not take up much memory and is light to use.

Microsoft : Surface Pro 7 Is Better than Macbook Pro!

Microsoft : Surface Pro 7 Is Better than Macbook Pro! – A few days ago, Microsoft appeared to have released a new ad for their Microsoft Surface Pro 7 product, which in the ad clearly shows a comparison with Apple’s Macbook Pro device.

Although it is not explained what generation Macbook Pro and with what chipset, but there is explained that the Surface Pro has a number of advantages where the device has touchscreen display capabilities, a detachable keyboard, the ability to run many games with its Windows OS and at a considerable discount compared to the Macbook Pro.

Well although this ad will seem to anger the Apple Fanboy, because it does not include a detailed comparison and it turns out to be true loh, the 30-second ad gets quite a lot of bad feedback with 5Rb Dislike in the video.

Unfortunately the comment field is turned off, but if not, there will definitely be a variety of fun comments.

New Microsoft Surface Duo Ad, Highlight Magic On Dual Screen!

New Microsoft Surface Duo Ad, Highlight Magic On Dual Screen! – Recently Microsoft released a new Surface Duo ad, where this time they highlight more on the form factor capabilities of the dual screen.

In addition the second is a signature move where what users write using the Surface Pen seems to be digitally recorded and instantly recorded on this new Surface Duo device.

And well surely this feature looks interesting, especially the signature move feature, it’s just that maybe some users will feel uncomfortable especially maybe Microsoft will record all the things that users write from their devices.

Now You Can Change Profile Of Installed PWA With Microsoft Edge Chromium

Now You Can Change Profile Of Installed PWA With Microsoft Edge Chromium – A new feature about PWA in the new Microsoft Edge Chromium was announced by Microsoft through its official page, where for you windows 10 2004 users or later, you can now change the profile in the PWA you installed using Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Just like in the picture above, you just click the people icon at the top, then choose which profile you will use.

This feature is certainly very useful, because with it for those of you who use PWA but have two or more different profiles, you can now switch between profiles quickly without having to log out of the previous profile.

However, it should be noted that this profile switcher icon will only appear if you have the same application with more than one profile that you have.

Well for more details please try it yourself, make sure you are using Windows 10 2004 and also make sure you are using the latest Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Office Lens Renames Microsoft Lens!

Office Lens Renames Microsoft Lens! – Microsoft Scanning Application, the new Office Lens has just been announced to have been renamed Microsoft Lens along with the replacement of the old Icon to Icon that implements fluent design in it.

Just like in the picture above, that’s the new Icon of Office Lens which has now changed its name to Microsoft Lens, the design is simple, and now aligns with the entire range of Microsoft products and applications.

In addition to coming with a new icon, Microsoft also introduced a new feature in Microsoft Lens, where users can now extract images to text, images to contact, tables and others, including QR Codes.

But keep in mind, until now a new update was launched for Android users first, and will come to iOS in the coming months.

As for Windows users, as previously reported, Office Lens products have been terminated at the end of 2020 for Windows operating systems.

Windows 10 Build 19043 Seems Ready To Launch To Insiders!

Windows 10 Build 19043 Seems Ready To Launch To Insiders! – Although it has not been officially announced, some leaks and screenshots showing versions and builds of Windows 10 21H1 have been pretty much scattered on the Internet, one of which is the latest leak from WindowsLatest following.

As users can see in the image above, it shows that Wndows 10 21H1 will come with a Build OS that corresponds to what was previously rumored, where it will be the successor of Windows 10 20H2 with build version 19043.

Based on the information, this version of Windows 10 will get users via enablement package just as it was previously present when users update from Windows 10 2004 to Windows 10 20H2, and of course with it the size of the update itself will not be too large, maybe only about 50 – 500 Mb only.

In terms of features, this version is expected to come with important features such as DNS Over Https support in settings, and a number of minor improvements and improvements that users need, but surely many of the users prefer a stable operating system comes with this version.

Regarding the information and leaks of this build, until now it is still unclear when Microsoft will start releasing Windows 10 21H1 to Insiders, but most likely, in February insiders will already start getting this update.