Opera 74 Brings Chrome Extensions Support Directly – Although Opera is one of the browsers based on Chromium, unfortunately this browser does not support extensions from the Chrome Web Store directly and users must install Install Chrome Extensions first to enjoy and perform an extension installation of the chrome web store.

Although it’s not too difficult to activate it, Opera users feel they need to go through a few steps before they can install extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

And related to that, a good news finally appeared in Opera 74, where there has been an experimental flags ” NativeChrome webstore extensions installation” in the browser.

These flags will allow the opera browser to be able to directly perform extension installations from the chrome web store, and of course users no longer have to install install Chrome Extensions extensions first.

How to use itself, first right as in the picture above, the user for now must enable opera://flags#native-chrome-webstore-installation and change from default to enabled.

Furthermore, after the opera relaunch process, users can already perform extension installations available in the chrome web store.
Not yet officially released!

Please note that Opera 74, which was created based on chromium 88.0.4292.2, is not currently publicly available and is still in the development branch of Opera Developer versions. It may still take some time for this version to be released as final versions, but if you want to try this right now, you can download Opera 74 Developer on the following page.

Although for now it is still available as experimental flags, someday maybe this feature will come by default, so opera users just go directly to the chrome web store page and directly install the extension from there.

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