Office Lens Renames Microsoft Lens! – Microsoft Scanning Application, the new Office Lens has just been announced to have been renamed Microsoft Lens along with the replacement of the old Icon to Icon that implements fluent design in it.

Just like in the picture above, that’s the new Icon of Office Lens which has now changed its name to Microsoft Lens, the design is simple, and now aligns with the entire range of Microsoft products and applications.

In addition to coming with a new icon, Microsoft also introduced a new feature in Microsoft Lens, where users can now extract images to text, images to contact, tables and others, including QR Codes.

But keep in mind, until now a new update was launched for Android users first, and will come to iOS in the coming months.

As for Windows users, as previously reported, Office Lens products have been terminated at the end of 2020 for Windows operating systems.

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