Microsoft : Surface Pro 7 Is Better than Macbook Pro! – A few days ago, Microsoft appeared to have released a new ad for their Microsoft Surface Pro 7 product, which in the ad clearly shows a comparison with Apple’s Macbook Pro device.

Although it is not explained what generation Macbook Pro and with what chipset, but there is explained that the Surface Pro has a number of advantages where the device has touchscreen display capabilities, a detachable keyboard, the ability to run many games with its Windows OS and at a considerable discount compared to the Macbook Pro.

Well although this ad will seem to anger the Apple Fanboy, because it does not include a detailed comparison and it turns out to be true loh, the 30-second ad gets quite a lot of bad feedback with 5Rb Dislike in the video.

Unfortunately the comment field is turned off, but if not, there will definitely be a variety of fun comments.

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