Microsoft Edge Chromium Gets ‘Ask before closing multiple tabs’ Option – A new feature has again been added by Microsoft to their Microsoft Edge Chromium application, this feature is actually not a new feature either because in some other browsers such as Opera or Firefox already get a similar implementation.

Yep, as the title suggests, in Microsoft Edge Chromium Canary version 89.0.739.0 there will now be an ‘Ask before closing multiple tabs’ option, this feature is still not available by default but users must enable experimental flags “Askbefore Closing multiple tabs” first.

Once activated, on the Settings > Appearance page, you’ll find an ‘Ask before Closing multiple tabs’ option that you can activate.

Once activated, of course, when there are two or more tabs open, and you will close the browser completely, there will be a question whether you are sure you want to close all the tabs.


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