How to Install Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta on Linux Ubuntu – As previously reported, Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta has microsoft released for linux platform, and as usual, a number of linux distros support this browser, let’s say Debian and its descendants, Fedora and its comrades.

Well with regards to that, on this occasion WinPoint will slightly summarize the short steps of installing Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta on Linux Ubuntu, here I will use Ubuntu Mate 20.04 and the installation itself is quite easy by relying only on the .deb files available on the official Website of Microsoft Edge itself. Here’s the step.

Step 1. First please download the microsoft edge chromium beta .deb file on the following page.

Well after the file .deb downloaded, you can use an application such as Gdebi or Eddy, but on this occasion I will use the terminal because it feels easier and very suitable for those of you who want to learn more about the linux platform.

Step 2. Open Terminal, here I use the default terminal of Ubuntu mate, namely Mate terminal.

Step 3. To do the installation, first make sure you enter the directory of the .deb files that have been downloaded before, in my case it is in the Downloads folder.

If you have, then please enter the following command to start the installation of Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta.

Please customize the name (which I marked in red) with the Microsoft Edge Chromium file name you downloaded earlier.

Please enter your password, and after that the installation should start running.

After the installation process is complete, usually Microsoft Edge Beta is already in the Linux App Launcher, but if not usually you have to log out and log back in to bring it up.

Or alternatively please enter the microsoft-edge command in the terminal to open Microsoft Edge Beta.


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