How to Enable Automatic HTTPS in Microsoft Edge – As previously reported, Follow Google Chrome, Edge Chromium Will Present Automatic HTTPS Feature,well this feature was previously rumored to be present in Edge 92, and it turns out that the news is true comrades, because in microsoft edge version Canary 92.0.877.0 or later, users can already find experimental flags to enable Automatic https in Microsoft Edge.

Well with regards to that, on this occasion WinPoint will slightly summarize the short steps to enable Automatic HTTPS in Microsoft Edge, but before going to the step step, you must know that this step for now can only be done in Microsoft Edge Canary only yes.

Step 1. First make sure you’re already using Microsoft Edge Chromium 92.0.877.0 or later.

Step 2. Next please enable experimental flags “Automatic HTTPS” which you can access from the following URL.

Step 3. Once activated, do not forget to restart your browser first, then please visit the page Settings > Privacy, search, and services, then you enable ” Automatically switch to more secure connections with AutomaticHTTPS”.

Well exactly as in the picture above, there are two different options that you can activate,

Switch to HTTPS only on websites likely to support HTTPS
Always switch from HTTP to HTTPS (connection errors might occur more often)

Of course Microsoft itself recommends that you enable the first option, while the second, may cause an error if HTTPS is not supported. So for a better experience, make sure you choose the first option only.

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